I’ll never cease to be amazed at the transformational vocabulary of Anthony Robbins. In his book, Awaken the Giant Within, we can read how to downgrade the negative state of mind and change our vocabulary to a more positive form. Thus, instead of something being disastrous, it is merely an inconvenience. When we change our outlook like this, we can begin to focus on changing our mood and changing our lives. He offers up many other great suggestions as well in his book. While it is a full 539 pages, it’s worth every moment spent reading it to change how you are perceiving your life.

It’s not just a matter of knowing that this works well, it’s a matter of learning that in spite of a cold dreary blustery day, I may feel down, I can decide to turn myself around and warm my mood back up. It works if you work it.

Whilst spending the summer months in a mobile home in Spain, we arrived to find two serious issues. I was very discontented to find that the boiler isn’t working and that we would have to wait for the spare parts to arrive. Thus, no heat, and no hot water, both could foul up any day. While I do believe that a bit of cold water is good for you, I really don’t enjoy a cold shower or washing my hair in ice water thank you very much. So glad I have short hair.

The other issue, perhaps less annoying, although annoying, all the same, is that the WiFi isn’t working properly. It periodically fails to connect me to the Interwebs where I do my work. Talk about inconvenient! Now I couldn’t work.

Thus, for the moment, my life is somewhat annoying to me. However, I have thought back on the book by Anthony Robbins once again. I can turn this day around. There is hope. I can use the methods from within his book to help turn things around and find the positive. I can spend more time with my family if I’m not working. I can find lasting change by using his methods.

Anthony also has some great videos on YouTube (which of course, I can’t access at the moment), that show great ideas and how to implement them. I’m sure that by watching these in the past I have transformed my life into what it is today. Take a look at this video about money mindset:

I’ve utilized his methods in more than one tough situation and found that I am doing much better. These methods have helped me in changing my career. They have given me hope when I had none. They’ve helped me to build up my online business. If you’re stuck in a rut, this is the book for you.

If you’re considering an online business, you will find that you can do it. Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started. It’s easy and with a great coach or mentor, you can learn to do it successfully from the get go. You can learn to outsource them and build up your website for success. It only takes a few minutes each day of implementing what you’ve learned. Read Anthony’s book and find yourself the right mentor and you’re sure to find great success in all that you do.
No matter what you want to change, you’ll find the plan in his book.

You have probably heard of or read bold statements such as the “tremendous success of Internet telephony” or perhaps “VoIP services outstanding growth” and so forth. There is truth to these headlines and here are a few statistics that support these statements and to gain a better understanding. It is important to keep in mind that the figures provided on some of these statistics can differ dramatically due to the fact that VoIP has a number of aspects. However, one of the facts is very obvious that the VoIP markets are growing exponentially across the globe when it comes to traffic, revenues and subscribers.

Back in the year 2008, the worldwide business VoIP services market increased to 33% which equated to $30.8 billion stated by a number of experts and the IP-network services were also known to grow throughout 2008. The traditional type phone businesses at this stage opposed VoIP as they were scared of losing out on revenue. But this did not stop the continuous growth of VoIP. The success of this particular industry was heavily influenced by the USFCC (US Federal Communication Commission) choice on not to limit or control voice traffic that occurred over the Internet along with the very low prices associated with these services.

One research centers reported on that the average US home owners were starting to replace their traditional landlines over to VoIP and this continues to increase daily. In fact in the year 2007 and 2008 the shares for traditional or home telephone markets dropped from 90% to 74%. This industry has seen a further decrease of 23% over the 5 years that followed.

In European countries this scenario is very similar and around ¼ of the households have gone about replacing their subscriptions for landline subscriptions with VoIP and SIP trunking solutions. Some of these percentages include Eastern Europe at 39%, Portugal at 48% and Finland at 61% which is definite proof of the VoIP mobile revolution.

VoIP has also become a popular alternative in other European countries. In fact the amount of the VoIP users is recognized as significantly high in countries such as Bulgaria at 46%, Poland at 49%. The Czech Republic at 50%, Lithuania at 51% and Latvia at 58%.

When referring to service providers, have also become an important topic of discussion. Various businesses have deployed VoIP service providers in association with offering outstanding customer-experiences to their clients and well as cost management. This has translated into that offering a great customer experience each time has become extremely important to increase the future prosperity and perception of all businesses and this where VoIP really excels.

Even though the majority of the mobile operators are known for refusing the utilization of mobile VoIP services, the experts strongly believe that this stance will not be able to last in what is coming. They also believe that VoIP will become widespread with the mobile phones.

It is suggested that the mobile operators should take advantage of these current trends and use cellular VoIP as a type of premium service that emphasizes service quality along with a variety of value-added features to resist the destruction of the voice prices.

To end off with it is safe to say that every person requires mobile VoIP in their lives and VoIP service providers are able to offer quality services that enables businesses to stay on the right path.